Who are we? ......We are you!

Our team brings direct experience from general practice, providing us with a deep understanding of its unique operations. This positions us as the perfect choice to train your GP staff, offering tailored and effective solutions for your practice's specific needs.

As Primary Care providers, we have an intimate understanding of what your team members need to be fully equipped members of your practice. Our GP Practice Training Courses are tailored exclusively to the demands of Primary Care, and crafted by seasoned experts in the field. With such targeted and specialised training, there's no need to seek external courses from companies unfamiliar with the daily demands and responsibilities of your staff. Rest assured, our high-quality courses are CPD accredited, clearly outlined in the course narrative. Our online courses provide the flexibility to learn at your own pace, anytime, and from anywhere, all without incurring additional costs or the inconvenience of travel.

Proud to be working with a number of wonderful businesses in the care industry

Clinical Online Certified Training Courses

All these training courses are undertaken by the student online with practical support in the workplace. This creates a portfolio of achievement and practical assessment.

  • NHS focused Injection & Immunisation Training (CPD accredited)

  • NHS focused Health Care Assistant (HCA) Training Level 1, 2 and 3 (CPD accredited)

  • NHS focused Health Care Assistant (HCA) Wound Care, Suture & Clip Removal Training

  • Phlebotomy (Venepuncture) Training (CPD accredited)

  • NHS focused Spirometry Training

  • NHS focused INR Training

  • NHS focused ECG Training

  • B12 Aesthetic Industry Training (in partnership with INSYNC Aesthetics Insurance Brokers)

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