Please read this information before purchase.

This course is for those of you that are working within the aesthetics and beauty industry. This training course is online training with a final test. You are required to provide evidence of supervised practice with a registered practitioner for the final certification to be valid. If you are unable to obtain direct supervision, please contact us on [email protected] BEFORE you purchase the course to see if we can assist. You must be up to date in basic life support training. You MUST check with your insurance provider that they will accept this course as evidence of learning before you purchase. We will not accept responsibility for any course purchased without checking you have the correct qualifications or insurance in place. We are proud to be in partnership with INSYNC Aesthetics Insurance Brokers. Please contact us at [email protected] if you would like to be referred

Proud to be working in Partnership with

INSYNC Insurance Brokers

Please contact us on [email protected] if you require further information

Course curriculum

  • 2

    Anatomy and Physiology

    • Anatomy of the Skin

    • The Skin

    • Skin Cross Section

    • Layers of the Skin

  • 3

    Blood Vessles

    • Differences between Arteries and Veins

    • Inside the artery and vein

    • Clotting Properties

  • 4

    Infection Control and Prevention

    • Chain of Infection

    • Breaking The Chain Of Infection

    • Decontamination

  • 5

    Clean Environment

    • Clean Environment

    • Waste Disposal

    • Sharps Bins

    • Injury to you...

  • 6


    • What you will need...

    • Dressings

  • 7


    • Consent

    • Contra-Indications to Venepuncture

    • Preparation

    • Selecting a Vein

    • Antecubital Fossa

    • Back of the Hand

    • Preparing the needle entrance point

    • Taking the Blood

    • Video demonstrating blood being taken from a patient

    • Procedure using Butterfly Needle

    • Video demonstrating the use of a Butterfly needle

  • 8


    • Table of Complications and Remedial Actions

  • 9


    • Documentation

    • Consultation Notes

  • 10


    • Qualification

    • Competencies Form to be downloaded, printed and completed.

  • 11

    Final Test

    • 80% Pass Mark needed

    • Feedback

    • Consent Form