Important Course Information

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Welcome to this online injection training course which is aimed for HCA's that have studied at level 3. 

This course meets the National Minimal Standards along with some added extras which make it specific for working in general practice. 

This course is valid for 6 months and is a mixture of online training, short tests, self directed learning, inhouse teaching, competences and reflections. 

You will require a registered healthcare professional to be your mentor and mentor / student agreement form must be submitted before you can progress with the course. 

If your mentor should change throughout the course, you must notify us. 

You will need to have completed up to date mandatory training in basic life support, anaphylaxis and adult and child safeguarding. 

You then need to complete the training for immunisation on e-Learning for Health, you may have to enrol in this before being able to access it. It is called “Immunisation (IMM)” and you will need to complete all seven modules and components.

It is suggested that you complete this before embarking on this course due to the 6 month deadline to complete it. 

Business Purchase

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If you would like to purchase this course on behalf of your employee and therefore buying the course via the checkout system is not appropriate, please email us on [email protected] with the details and we can provide an invoice for you.

Student Feedback

A sample of student feedback who have completed this course

  • The objectives are clearly defined and I found the whole course very interesting

  • Liked the videos and links also e- learnings

  • Its very educational

  • Easy to follow, good refresher for health care professionals who have previously given the IM injections in clinical practice

Course curriculum

  • 2

    References/Further Reading

    • References and Reading List

    • Legislation Reading List

  • 3

    Course Outline

    • Standards and Plagiarism

  • 4

    Learning Agreement

    • Learning and Mentor agreement form

  • 5

    Assessment Information and Portfolio

    • Assessment and Training Information

  • 6

    Anatomy and Physiology of the Skin

    • The Skin

    • Self Directed Learning

  • 7

    Injections. Vaccines and Immunity.

    • Type of Injections within General Practice

    • What is a vaccine and how does it work?

    • Self-Directed Study

  • 8

    Patient Specific Directions and Patient Group Directions

    • Patient Specific Direction (PSD)

    • Self-Directed Learning

  • 9

    Consent and Communication

    • Consent

    • Self-Directed Learning

  • 10

    Able to demonstrate the correct preparation and procedure, including safe storage and disposal.

    • Pre-procedural checks

    • Equipment

  • 11

    Non-Touch Technique

    • Demonstration

  • 12

    Subcutaneous Injection

    • Introduction

    • Needle Size

    • Procedure

    • Demonstration of Technique

  • 13

    Intramuscular Injection

    • Introduction

    • Needle Size

    • Procedure

    • Demonstration of Technique

    • Self-Directed Learning

    • Do's and Don'ts

  • 14

    Waste Disposal and Sharps Management

    • Waste Management Guidelines

    • Self-Directed Learning

  • 15


    • Safeguarding

    • Self-Directed Learning

  • 16

    Adverse Reactions

    • Anaphylaxis

    • Self-Directed Learning

  • 17


    • Documentation

    • Self-Directed Learning

  • 18

    National Minimal Standards, Role of HCA, Delegation and Supervision

    • Standards of Behaviour

    • Accountability

    • Self-Directed Learning

  • 19

    Assignment Information

    • Assignment Information

  • 20


    • Feedback

    • Final Test

    • Course Update Information