Course Requirements

This course is for Level 3, or above, beauty therapists with a basic dermal filler / anti-wrinkle qualification or experience with injectables. 

You will need to supply a copy of your certificates at the beginning of the course for approval before you can progress. 

This training course is online training with a final test. You will be required to do a teams/ zoom/facetime video call where you demonstrate the technique or provide THREE case studies and signed off by a registered practitioner before the certificate is issued. This is to comply with insurance standards. 

You must be up to date in basic life support and anaphylaxis training.  

Please ensure you have a prescriber who is willing to prescribe the B12 injection as part of your training. We will not be held responsible if you are unable to find one. 

You MUST check with your insurance provider that they will accept this course as evidence of learning before you purchase. 

We will not accept responsibility for any course that has been purchased without checking you have the correct qualifications or insurance in place.

We are proud to be in partnership with INSYNC Aesthetics Insurance Brokers you can check out their website by clicking on this image

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Aims and Objectives of the training

  • 2

    Anatomy of the Skin

    • The Skin

  • 3

    B12 - hydroxocobalamin Injection

    • Vitamin V12

    • Vitamin B12 and Food

    • VItamin B12 Deficiency

    • Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria

    • Dose and Frequency of Injections

  • 4


    • Prescriptions

  • 5

    Able to demonstrate the correct preparation and procedure, including safe storage and disposal.

    • Pre-procedural checks

    • Consent

    • Equipment

    • Demonstration of how to correctly draw up the B12 injection

  • 6

    Intramuscular Injection

    • Intramuscular Injection

    • Needle Size

    • Procedure

    • Demonstration of Technique

    • Do's and Don'ts

  • 7

    Waste Disposal and Storage

    • Waste and Sharps Management Guidelines

    • Storage

  • 8

    Adverse Reactions

    • Anaphylaxis

  • 9


    • Documentation

  • 10


    • Practice Assessment / Competency Form

    • Assessment

    • Feedback

    • Final Test

    • Congratulations

  • 11

    Consent Forms, Aftercare advice and Medication Record Chart

    • Sample consent, aftercare advice and Medication record chart